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    Welcome to Jimboomba Neighbourhood Watch
    Rural Watch 2 incorporates Jimboomba, North Maclean, South Maclean, Cedar Grove, Cedar Vale, Round Ridge Road, Stockleigh, Flagstone,Yarrabilba and Jimboomba Woods.

    The mission of Neighbourhood Watch is to promote safety, security and quality of life for all residents in Queensland.

    Jimboomba Neighbourhood Rural Watch 2 and the establishment of this website are to provide information and give residents strategies that will:

    • Reduce residential and household crime
    • Improve personal safety
    • Encourage interaction between neighbours
    • Encourage a sense of community and develop social capital
    • Support victims of crime
    • Reduce crime that is peculiar to acreage living
    • Provide information that is relevant to living in Jimboomba and neighbouring areas

    Jimboomba Rural Watch 2 commenced in 1992 and started out with residents meeting in members' garages to support the growing community. Jimboomba Rural Watch 2 has grown to encompass the Jimboomba Township, as well as the neighbouring areas of North Maclean, South Maclean, Cedar Grove, Cedar Vale, Round Ridge Road, Stockleigh, Flagstone, Yarrabilba and Jimboomba Woods.

    Please visit the Neighbourhood Watch website at http://logan.nhwq.org/ for more information.

    Photo of the late Stan Wells, who served as Area Coordinator from 2009 til his passing in 2018.

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