• Newsletter - APRIL 2016 UPDATE

    GREETINGS from Jimboomba Neighbourhood Watch. After a very hot summer, I trust that you are all enjoying the cooler weather.

    2. CRIME STATS.  The crime stats for February and March 2016 are on the website.  Go to http://www.jimboombaneighbourhoodwatch.org/ and go to the Crime Report page. Hold your curser over the heading and the crime stats for the past 12 months will come up. As a commentary:

    Overall, the crime stats are quite good and reflects the efforts and the strong focus of Sen. Serg. Peter Waugh and his fine team of officer at Jimboomba Police Station.

    Unfortunately, crimes have been the result of "outsiders" coming into our area.

    More importantly, crimes have also been solved due to information received from the general public.  Great work, everyone!

    Sen. Serg. Peter also asdvises that if you are the victim of a break in/robbery, make sure you give follow up information to police.  As an example, if your stolen credit card has been activated, pass on the details to police as they are not privy to this information from banks.  Peter advises that often crimes have been solved by police using this information and "working backwards".

    3.MESSAGE FROM LOGAN CRIME PREVENTION UNIT.  Sergeant Debbie Tronc advises that:

    Some crimes occurring in the greater Logan area are preventable. Illegal entries have been the result of residents not locking up securely. This gives intruders easy access and the situation is often compounded when car keys and house keys have been left in obvious places and also stolen.

    The theft of trail bikes is an ongoing concern. These are targeted by theives and are easily loaded on to trailers and driven away. For trail bikes, particularly those that can't be kept in secure premises, an anchor bolt into a concrete floor and secured with chain and padlock could act as a deterrent.

    4. NHW NEWSLETTER.  Thanks to our hard working bulletin editor, our next newsletter will be dropped into letter boxes in the near future.  If you don't receive one, they will also be available at a number of retail outlets in Jimboomba.

    5.LOCAL TRAFFIC CONGESTION.  This has eased somewhat thanks to traffic engineers reprogramming  the traffic lights on Mt. Lindesay Highway and implementing "turn left only"  in front of Jimboomba State School. The "Keep Clear" sign in front of the Hills College entry and the widened slip lane from Johanna Street to Mt. Lindesay have also proved effective.  We pass on our thanks to our local police and the Logan Country Safe City Group for urging prompt action on this matter.

    However, we will all need to remember to be patient and courteous because the Darcy Edmunds bridge is not yet finished, the Camp Cable Road/Mt.Lindesay Highway intersection is now being upgraded and the upgrade of Tamborine Street will happen sometime in the near future.

    Traffic congestion is heavy on Mt. Lindesay Highway each morning and afternoon and will only worsen as more residents move into the area.  Neighbourhhod Watch joins with the Logan Country Safe City Group in supporting our local and state representatives as they lobby for an urgent upgrade of Mt. Lindesay Highway.

    6.LOGAN VILLAGE/YARRABILBA WEEK OF ACTION - WE'LL BE THERE. Congratulations to Logan City Council and members of the local organising committee for putting together a very attractive calendar of events for the Week of 18-24 April. We'll be there on:

    Wednesday 20 April at the Community Information stall at the Logan Village Shopping Centre from 10 until 2. Volunteers in Policing will be holding a Safe PL8S programme at this time.  This involves attaching car number plates uning one-way screws.

    Sunday 24 April at the Village Green at the Community Fun Day from 10 until 2.

    For more detail, go http://www.logan.qld.gov.au/weekofaction

    7.City of Logan Date Claimers

    a) City of Logan Community Safety Symposium Friday 29 April.  This year's theme is focusing on domestic and family violence.  No costs to attendees but registration is essential.  Go to http://www.logan.qld.gov.au/symposium

    b) Launch of the City of Logan SAFE CITY STRATEGY AND ACTION PLAN 2016-2020.  This is being held on Friday 6 May, lunch provided.  The launch concludes by 1:30pm. RSVP on 34124620

    8.  SHOWCASE YOUR BUSINESS AT THE JIMBOOMBA ROTARY FIELD DAY 25 & 26 JUNE. This is being held at the "Four Wynnes" 384-474 Cusack Lane, Jimboomba and is an opportunity for local businesses to promote their products and services. A fabulous programme of family oriented events has been planned over the two days including a tri-nation ploughing competition.  All proceeds (100%) will go to the Dought Affected Families in Queensland - a very worthy cause indeed.

    Information packs are now available.  For further detail go to www.jimboombafielddays.com.au

    9. ROCKIN' JIMMY CAR SHOW SATURDAY 9 JULY.  And finally for the car enthusiasts, this is being held at St. James Anglican Curch, East Street, Jimboomba. Last year, the turnout of beautifully restored vintage vehicles was huge.  This year promises to be another fabulous day.  Jimboomba Neighbourhood Watch will again be represented on the day.

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