• Crime Report Updated Jan 2019


    VIEW OUR LOCAL CRIME STATISTICS. Hold your curser on the Crime Report heading and the crime statistics for the past twelve months will come up. Select the month that you are requiring.  Earlier crime statistics are available by emailing the secretaty on nhwjimboombar2@gmail.com

    ONLINE CRIME STATISTICS: To view crime statistics state wide, go the the Queensland Police Service website at http://www.police.qld.gov.au  The crime map will give details of the types of crimes that have happened, the date they occurred and indicate the crimes that have been solved.  Individual street address cannot be indentified.

    myPolice Logan. To be informed about what is happening in the greater Logan area,go to http://mypolice.qld.gov.au/logan/

    DAYTIME IS PEAK TIME FOR LOCAL BURGLARIES: An analysis of recent offence times indicate that there is a peak of activity from midday to 4:00pm with most burglaries happening between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm. Audible alarms and maintaining good relations with neighbours can assist with this type of burglary.

    THEFT OF ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT: iPhones, iPads and similar electronic devices continue to be "hot property" and are particularly favoured by thieves. Refer to our Crime Prevention page to consider ways to protect you property and your data.

    THEFT OF KEYS: Thieves are regularly stealing house keys and car keys from properties in the Jimboomba area. Also refer to our Crime prevention page to consider details about how to protect your keys. 

    THEFT OF UNSECURED ITEMS: Unsecured household items including compressors, water pumps and general outdoor equipment are frequently stolen by thieves. Residents are urged to have good photographic records of belongings and are urged to LOCK THE GATE to prevent potential thieves from entering properties.

    BURGLARIESOPERATION LOCK THE GATE aims to reduce the high incidence of property offences on local rural residential properties
    Residents are urged to secure entry points to their properties when they are away.  This will deter would-be offenders gaining vehicular access.  It will also reduce the advantage of being able to hide vehicles from public view and deny offenders easy removal of stolen goods.

    STOLEN NUMBER PLATES: Theft of vehicle number plates is an ongoing concern for motorists as well as police. Number plates secured using "one way screws" aree less likely to be stolen and used in criminal activity. A number of Safe Plate days have been held within the Jimboomba Police district in the past and the campaign is ongoing.  Residents wishing to have their plates secured with "one way screws' are asked to contact the Jimboomba Police station.

    THEFT OF DOGS:Although there have been no reported cases of dogs being stolen in our area, pet owners are advised to take extra precautions in relation to securing the safety of their dogs.

    SECURE YOUR TOOLS: Logan City Council is urging all residents, particularly tradespersons to secure their tools. Unsecured tools left unattended in the back of utilities are often targetted by thieves.







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