• Newsletter - JANUARY 2016 UPDATE

     1. GREETINGS from Jimboomba Neighbourhood Watch.  Stan Wells, our Area Coordinator and members of Jimboomba Neighbourhood Watch pass on their best wishes to all residents for a safe and rewarding 2016.

    2. CRIME STATS.  The crime stats for October, November and December 2015, as well as the crime stats for the past 12 months are now available on the website.  To access the crime stats go to: http://www.jimboombaneighbourhoodwatch.org/ and go to the Crime Report page.  Hold your curser on the heading and the stats for the past 12 months will come up. Should you wish to access crime stats from previous months, please feel free to email the secretary on nhwjimboombar2@gmail.com 

    3. MUNDOOLUM ESTATE NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH has been established and is up and running.  We pass on our congratulations and best wishes to Area Coordinator Raj, his newly formed committee and the good folk at Mundoolun Estate on this wonderful initiative. The Mundoolun Estate Crime Stats for December have also been uploaded to our website. 

    4. 2015 crime stats finished on a very positive note with 15 offences occurring in the Jimboomba Neighbourhood Watch area whilst crime in Mundoolun was negligible.  This reflects the wonderful job being done by our fine team of officers at Jimboomba Police Station as well as the great leadership of our Office in Charge, Senior Sergeant Peter Waugh. It also reflects the valuable support and information that our police are receiving from the general public.  Great work, everyone!

    5. Our fabulous bulleting editor was able to publish our Spring 2015 edition just prior to Christmas and these were dropped in local letterboxes and distributed to local business outlets. Should you have missed out on a newsletter, and at the risk of repetition, some of the messages were:

    6. REPORT, REPORT, REPORT.  The message from our Area Coordinator was to get into the habit of reporting.  If you have concerns, let the police know so that they can respond appropriately.

    7. TRAFFIC CAMPAIGNS are a major focus for local police. Towards  the end of 2015, traffic campaigns resulted in the following:

    • Jimboomba - 2 day day blitz on Mt. Lindesay Highway with 2500 RBT's performed. Nine  drink drivers intercepted - highest reading was 0.157.  A total of 10 drug tests performed with 6 (60%) returning positive readings.
    • Yarrabilba - 1 day blitz with 320 RBT's and 6 court summons issued- highest reading 0.08.  Nine (9) drug tests performed with 3 returning positive readings.
    • Between July and November, 84 vehicles were put off our roads.

    8. CRIME TRENDS between July and November 2015

    •  domestic violence reports were up 24%. (Not large numbers overall and this could also reflect the fact that women are now feeling more comfortable to report).
    •  robberies down by 20%
    • unlawful entries were up but the local clear up rate was above the state everage.


    • NOW: Darcy Edmunds bridge replacement January to end of  April.  Please be patient.
    • UNDER WAY: CCTV camera rollout will continue throughout our district at identified "hot spots". These will act as effective deterrents as well as enabling police to respond to issues in a  more timely manner.
    • COMING UP:Camp Cable Rd/Mt. Lindesay Highway intersection to be upgraded with the installation of traffic lights.  Again, please be patient.
    • COMING UP: Community forum to discuss strategies on how to keep our children safe.

    10. ROUND RIDGE ROAD AND JIMBOOMBA WOODS are now represented within our group.  Advocating on behalf of Round Ridge Road will be Terry Williams (0755477215) whilst Brian Dryburgh (0414816800) will look after Jimboomba Woods East and Brendan Pratt ( 0418746657) will attend to Jimboomba Woods West.

    11.JIMBOOMBA NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH BLOG: Go to http://jimboombarural2.nhwq.org/signup/ to sign up for our our blog. Go to the top right hand page, enter your email address and select Jimboomba Rural 2. While you are there, visit our blog to see what has already been posted.

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