• Newsletter - 2018 WINTER UPDATE

    1. GREETINGS from Jimboomba Neighbourhood Watch. Welcome to our Winter Update.

    2. A WORD FROM OUR AREA COORDINATOR. Neighbourhood Watch members were grateful to recently meet with Charis Mullen, Member for Jordan. We share a common interest in looking after the Flagstone Estate. Flagstone has recently announced its intention  to form its own Neighbourhood Watch and Ms. Mullen is very supportive of this initiative. Ms. Mullen is very much aware of the demands that rapid population growth and increasing urbanisation is placing on community infrastructure, particularly our roads and the Mt. Lindesay Highway. Our understanding is that a plan for Mt. Lindesay Highyway has been completed and will be released in the near future.  Work is being done to preserve the Beaudesert/Salisbury passenger rail corridor while the Cross River Rail Project is being built. This is because the rail network from Salisbury to the inner city is currently operating at full capacity.  We thank Ms. Mullen for taking the time to speak with us.

    3. CRIME STATS. The latest crime stats for the Jimboomba Neighbourhood Watch area are on our website.  Go to http://www.jimboombaneighbourhoodwatch.org/ and go to the Crime Report page. The crime stats have been summarised from the Queensland Police Service Crime Map.  Not all activity is recorded on the Crime Map such as the very large number of traffic infringement notices that are issued by the Traffic Branch personnel and our local officers - 289 over a period of 6 days recently. A perusal of the crime stats over the past few months shows:

    • A rise in activity in the Yarrabilba area reflecting the very rapid growth in population. We applaud  initiatives to deliver much needed services and community infrastructure at Yarrabilba endeavouring to keep pace with community needs. A state govt. budget allocation for an upgraded police facility based at Logan Village is also a welcome announcement. 
    • Flagstone appears to be doing very well at the moment and is a reflection of the very close links between the police and the Flagstone community groups. 
    • Jimboomba's numbers are somewhat distorted as the Good Order offences often reflect persons not obeying court orders to report to  the Jimboomba police, frequently for offences committed elsewhere.
    •   We acknowledge the wonderful efforts of Senior Sergeant Peter Waugh and his fine team for keeping our area safe. 
    • No crime stats are available for the month of July. The QPS online Crime Map site is currently offline and is under reconstruction.

    4. CAR THIEVES LOVE TOYOTA LANDCRUISERS. Apparently our car thieves have very good taste as the May edition of the RACQ newsletter lists  this vehicle as the most stolen vehicle in Queensland.  It is followed by the Ford Falcon, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Hilux and Holden Commodore.  The RACQ advises that motorists should " treat their keys like cash."  It also advises to always lock your car, ensure all windows are up, park in a secure area if possible and don't leave valuables visible in your vehicle.  Happy motoring.

    5. YOU MATTER BE CONNECTED SAFE COMMUNITIES  Neighbourhood Watch applauds the lauch of a domestic and family violence self care resource developed to support Yarrabilba and Logan Village families.  Developed by the Logan Women's Health and Wellbeing Centre and generously supported by Lendlease, the resource was delivered to all families at the Yarrabilba and Logan Village schools.  It gives self care strategies as well as a number of  links and contact  phone numbers.

    6. ADDRESSING INCIDENTS OF DOMESTIC/ FAMILY VIOLENCE  consumes an extraordinary amount of police time and  resources.Typically, processing the paper work, serving papers on all parties and attending court involves two officers  in at least 6 hours of work each.  Should there be an adjournment in proceedings or change in family circumstances, the process recommences. Over one recent 30 day period, 36 domestic violence incidents were reported and acted upon in our police district.  Any measures that address the problem of family and domestic violence in our community as outlined in No 5 above  is just smart thinking.

    7. HOONING .  During a recent successful police operation, 40 tickets were handed out, 10 motorists were given notices to appear in court and 2 cars were confiscated.  However, police cannot be everywhere and despite their best efforts, hooning continues to the annoyance of neighbours and at the risk of  innocent road users.  Some  facts about hooning;

    • Camera footage has to be able to positively identify the actual driver of the car, not just the car, before a person can be charged with hooning.
    • Gatherings  of up to 200 cars involved in hooning activities on roads within the Jimboomba Police district have been observed.
    • Hooners have sophisticated surveillance strategies including the use of drones to enable them to escape apprehension by police.
    • Hooning appears to be most prevalent in the outer subsurbs. As Senior Sergeant Peter explained recently, inner Logan suburbs were once hooning hotspots. As areas become more closely settled, the hooners move further out.  It seems that hooning will be with us for some time to come.
    • Report hooning to Jimboomba Police on 0755479888 or the Hoon Hotline 13HOON (134666)

    8. TO HELP WAVE AWAY CREDIT CARD FRAUD, WE MAY ASK FOR YOUR PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION WHEN USING PAYWAVE.  Small printed cards with this message were delivered recently to a large number of businesses in Flagstone and Jimboomba. Made available by generous favour courtesy of members of Crestmead Neighbourhood Watch, the cards aimed at addressing the issue of increasing credit card fraud within Logan.  The cards were gratefully accepted by business owners. Thankfully, the message received is that paywave card fraud in not generally a problem in our area at this time.  Furthermore, it appears that businesses have their own very good strategies in place to guard against being duped out of their hard earned cash.

    9. OUR AREA COORDINATOR RECEIVES PETER ANDREW MEMORIAL AWARD FOR COMMUNITY SERVICE.  Congratulations to Stan Wells who has been awarded this honour by the Jimboomba Rotary Club for his outstanding service to the Jimboomba community. Stan has been a member of NHW for many years and has been our Area Coordinator for 10 years. The late Peter Andrew was a fondation member of the Jimboomba Rotary Club, was a wonderful community worker and a popular and highly respected citizen.  

    10. CONTAINER REFUND SCHEME. With the single use plastic shopping bag ban now successfully implemented, the next milestone in reducing the amount of litter  in our environment will be the introduction of the container refund scheme. This will commence on 1 November this year  and empty eligible drink containers with an approved refund mark will be able to be returned for a 10 cent refund.  Most drink containers between 150ml and 3 litres will be eligible for a refund. For further details, go to www.qld.gov.au/containerrefund scheme.

    11.  FUNDING TO NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH.  Welcome news has been received that the state government has ensured ongoing funding for Neighbourhood Watch in Queensland. It appears that the previous funding model included the allocation to Neighbourhood Watch in with the police budget. This separate guaranteed allocation to Neighbourhood Watch will be used for state initiatives including a very worthwhile state conference to be held later in the year. 


    • It is now rated the third worst highway in Queensland and the Greenbank Road/ Mt. Lindesay Highway intersection is our most dangereous. (Thankfully, road works should address safety at this intersection soon.) 
    •  Whilst a number of road work approvals have already been announced, of which we are  all very grateful, there does not appear to be any new money for Mt. Lindesay in the recent state budget.
    • With our population about to hit 25 million, a "whopping" 24 years sooner than predicted back in 2002, we are now well on our way to becoming a "big Australia". This will obviously bring with it opportunities as well as challenges.
    • With the rapid growth of existing estates and the ongoing approval of others, some of the challenges will be for planning authorities to adequately provide community infrastructure, road and highway networks and public transport including passenger rail services.
    • We understand that a plan for Mt. Lindesay Highway has been completed and will be released in the near future. Hopefully, once adopted, it will serve as a blueprint for future work on the highway.
    • We are hopeful of more open lines of communication with road planners and transport authorities in the future. It is important that local residents, commuters and members of the Logan Country Safe City and Highway To Hell Groups are invited to participate in the planning process.  All of these persons have a vested interest in ensuring that the "livability" of our area is maintained and, hopefully, enhanced.





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