• Newsletter - SUMMER UPDATE 2017


    1.  GREETINGS from Jimboomba Neighbourhood Watch.  Welcome to our summer update.

    2.  CRIME STATS: The crime stats for October, November, December 2016 as well as January 2017 are now on the website.  Go to http://www.jimboombaneighbourhoodwatch.org/ and go to the Crime Report page.  Hold your curser on the heading and the crime stats for the past 12 months will come up.

    3.  NEW LEGISLATION RELATING TO SMOKE ALARMS:  Towards the end of the 2016 parliamentary year, legislation was passed aimed at improving  personal safety in domestic dwellings by requiring the installation of photoelectric alarms. Alarms must be fitted in each bedroom, in hallways that connect bedrooms to the rest of the dwelling, on each level of the home and must be hardwired or with a 10 year lithium battery and interconnected. For new homes, units and substantially renovated homes, the legislation takes effects immediately otherwise there is a 10 year phase-in period. Private rentals and Department of Housing dwellings have a 5 year phase-in period. The new legislation is a result of a spate of disastrous house fires within Logan and elsewhere and follows intense lobbying by local Fire Victims Support groups. For full details, go to the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services website qfes.qld.gov.au/ and go to New Smoke Alarm Legislation.

    4.  CHAIR OF LOGAN COUNTRY SAFE CITY GROUPS GAINS AWARD  Jimboomba Neighbourhood Watch joins with other community groups in congratulating David Kenny on being awarded the City of Logan Citizen of the Year.  Neighbourhood Watch members work closely with the Logan Country Safe City group and have witnessed David's passion for improving our community through his strong, forceful and courageous advocacy for the upgrade of Mt. Lindesay Highway and connector roads as well as for the provision of necessary community infrastructure to keep pace with our rapidly expanding population.

    5. SAFE PLATE DAY COMING UP:  Keep a look out for our next Safe Plate Day which will be held in the near future.  A quick scan of the crime stats shows that the theft of car registration plates is still an ongoing issue. Unfortunately, stolen plates are frequently used in criminal activities elsewhere.  Motorists will be able to bring their cars to a designated location and have their car registration plates fitted by "one way" screws free of charge.

    6. EATS AND BEATS GETS BETTER AND BETTER: Well done to Logan City Council for organising yet another very enjoyable Eats and Beats event at Jimboomba on the evening of Friday 24 February. Each time, arrangements have been "tweaked" and the large number of residents who attended this last one enjoyed choosing from an extensive array of food vans, excellent seating arrangements, activities for kids and good traffic flow procedures.   This all added to a lovely evening out.

    7. VALE LES MILES: Area Coordinator, Stan Wells and members of Jimboomba Neighbourhood Watch extend our deepest sympathy to the friends and family of Les Miles who passed away suddenly during the Christmas period.  A resident of Yarrabilba, Les worked closely with fellow member  Ray MaCabbin and together they advocated strongly on behalf of the residents of the new estate to enhance personal and community safety.

    8. MT. LINDESAY HIGHWAY UPGRADE - WHERE TO FROM HERE? : The Minister's response to the petition for an urgent upgrade of the Mt. Lindesay Highway submitted at the end of last year indicated that there are no immediate plans to do so.  This means that the ongoing rapidly growing population will put even more cars on our highway and further congestion will impact significantly on  how we live and do business. We have been very much encouraged by the strong advocacy of the Mayor and Councillors of Logan City who are calling for recognition of Mt. Lindesay  as a priority road in order to attract funding from all levels of government and are working on the development of a supporting Business Plan. Neighbourhood Watch, Logan Country Safe City group and other community organisations are assisting Council officers with this task.

    9. SUBMISSION TO DRAFT SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND REGIONAL PLAN.  As well as meeting with planners when they visited Jimboomba, Neighbourhood Watch has prepared a written submission in response to the draft plan. The submission highlighted  the desperate need to upgrade the Mt. Lindesay Highway and to provide adeqate local infrastructure to keep pace with the needs of a rapidly growing population. The submission again highlighted the need to gain priority rating for Mt. Lindesay in order to attract funding from all levels of governments.  The full response has been uploaded on to our Facebook Page at "Jimboomba Neighbourhood Watch"

    10. SCAMWATCH. Make it a habit to keep checking for the latest scams.Go to scamwatch.gov.au

    11. FOLLOW US on Facebook at "Jimboomba Neighbourhood Watch".  If you are not a Facebook user, you can follow the posts on our website.  Follow us on Twitter@JimboombaNHW

    12 COME ALONG TO THE ROTARY SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND EXPO at Hills this weekend  Friday17, Saturday18, Sunday19 MARCH. Club organisers have arranged for an impressive array of trade exhibits as well as demonstrations, displays and entertainment.  For full details go to hhttp://www.southeastqldexpo.com.au/  Proceeds go to the very worthy projects of Heart of Australia Lift Flight and the restoration of Jimboomba Hall.


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