• Newsletter - WINTER UPDATE 2017

    1, GREETINGS from Jimboomba Neighbourhood Watch and, after a long hot summer, welcome to some refreshing cooler weather.

    2. CRIME STATS: These are in a different format as they have been taken from the Queensland Police Service Crime Map for the period 24.05.17 to 21.06.17. Crimes are mapped on or near the location where they occur.  To view the stats, go to our website http://www.jimboombaneighbourhoodwatch.org/ and go to the Crime Report page.  The QPS Crime Map is updated regularly so you can keep up to date by visiting http.//www.police.qld.gov.au

    3. ARE YOU AT RISK OF A HOME BREAK IN? In the RACQ July enewsletter, it is reported that one in five householders have experienced a break in. The items most favoured by thieves are electronics, jewellery and cash followed by art items, clothing, tools and car keys.  It also reports that most Queenslanders rely on low tech security measures such as locks, security screens and shutters.  It is suggested that other security strategies such as monitored alarms and CCTV should be considered. Both security and insurance are key factors in protecting your property.

    4.  REPORT, REPORT, REPORT. Residents are advised to report to police those activities in our community that shouldn't be happening - and keep on reporting. In this way, police are able to build up a pattern of activity that enable them to be more successful in apprehending wrong doers. Whilst it is tempting to vent frustration of apparent inaction on social media platforms, this is not always helpful in resolving problems.

    5. CENSUS SAYS WERE ARE GROWING - AND WE HAVE PLENTY OF MOTOR VEHICLES.The 2016 census reveals that 25 000 residents moved into Logan in the past four years and almost 5 000 went to Yarrabilba.  A total of 10 000 new homes were built in Logan and almost 1 800 of these were in Yarrabilba.  Residents in Yarrabilba have an average of 1.8 motor vehicles per dwelling whilst neighbouring Logan Village residents have 2.6 motor vehicles per dwelling. A total of 13 201 residents live in Jimboomba and the average motor vehicles per dwelling is also 2.6. The Census Quick Stats will give you an interesting overview of your suburb.  Go to http://www. abs.gov.au and check out the Quick Stats page.

    6. WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE  MT. LINDESAY HIGHWAY UPGRADE? I am sure residents are well aware that the Mt. Lindesay Highway and feeder roads are currently struggling to cope in peak hours with the number of motor vehicles that we have as evidenced in the latest census. To date, two projects are on the drawing board:

    THE NORTH MACLEAN precinct safety upgrade involves St Aldwyn Road and Wearing Road being accessed by a service road and a new signalised intersection at Greenbank Road at a cost of $20 million ($4m state funds, $16 m federal funds)  Member Linus Power is working with TMR and local stakeholders to ensure that the upgrade is compatible with the eventual four lane upgrade of Mt. Lindesay Highway. To see details of this project, click on to http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/ and go to Mount Lindesay Highway: North Maclean safety improvements.

    THE FOUR LANE UPGRADE between Rosia Road and Stony Camp Road at a cost of $20million. This project is still some time away and scheduled to commence in the 2019/20 or 2020/21 budget years although it could be brought forward.

    7. LOGAN COUNTRY SAFE CITY GROUP CALLS FOR A COORDINATED  PLAN.  The Logan Country Safe City Group, of which Neighbourhood Watch is a member, has been working with Mayor Luke Smith, Logan City Councillors, state members Linus Power and Jon Krause and local stakeholders to attract a greater allocation of state resources and much needed federal funding to hasten the  upgrade of Mt. Lindesay.  Whilst there have been some gains over the past few years,of which we are all very grateful, overall the work that has been done appears to be disjointed and uncoordinated.  Logan Country Safe Group is calling for an overall coordinated plan for the development of the whole area to include the upgrade of Mt. Lindesay; the feeder roads running to and from Mt. Lindesay; the growth areas of Flagstone and Yarrabilba; infrastructure in the surrounding areas; implementation of sufficient public transport and the progression of the Salisbury/Beaudesert rail link.

    8. FOLLOW WHAT IS HAPPENING ON OUR FACEBOOK SITES.  Keep abreast of what is happening and what locals are thinking and saying on our local facebook sites. Logan Country Safe City Group, Neighbourhood Watch and the Mt. Lindesay Highway facebook sites all have regular updates.

    9. OUR NEXT NEWSLETTER is being prepared and will be placed in letterboxes and left at a number of local retail outlets for collection in the very near future.

    10  OUR OLD FAVOURITE - SCAMWATCH.  Scammers go to extraordinary lengths to con residents and businesses out of their hard earned cash. Make it a habit to keep checking for the lastest scams. Go to http;// www.scamwatch.gov.au

    11. SOME USEFUL APPSSNAP SEND SOLVE is a free apps that allows you to report problems ( potholes, damaged street signs, piles of illegally dumped rubbish and the like) to the relevant local authority. Members report that the follow up response by council has been excellent.

    YARRABILBA CONNECT helps promote and inform what is happening at Yarrabilba and the Gold Coast..



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