• Newsletter - 2015 WINTER UPDATE

     1. GREETINGS from Jimboomba Neighbourhood Watch.

     2. CRIME STATS:  The latest crime stats are on our our website.  Go to http://www.jimboombaneighbourhoodwatch.org/ and go to the Crime Report page. Here you will find crime stats up to July this year.

    The stats show that theft from acreage dwellings is continuing so it is important to remember to Lock the Gate.  Elsewhere, trends show that thieves are targeting both secured and unsecured dwellings.  Unsecured sheds and outbuildings offer an easy target for thieves as do unsecured vehicles. Remember to make it difficult as possible for thieves to take your belongings.

    3. WINTER NEWSLETTER: Our fabulous bulletin editor has published our Winter Newsletter and it is being dropped in letterboxes and left at retail outlets around Jimboomba for collection.  

    4. WATCH OUT FOR SCAMMERS: In our latest newletter, there is a rather alarming report of scammers who are targeting local elderly residents and who are also claiming to be from Jimboomba Police. In this incident, the scammers were trying to get personal details and threatened to send police to the resident's home when they were met with a refusal.

    Don't become a victim!

    Scams seem to pop up in a different disguise every few days seeking to trick and to expolit the unsuspecting.  Keep up to date with the latest scams. Visit SCAMwatch at www.scamwatchg.gov.au

    5.  SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BLOG AND HAVE YOUR SAY ON COMMUNITY SAFETY ISSUES : Social media is an additional vehicle for disseminating information and for building a direct relationship with our community.  You may be aware that we already have our own Facebook page and Twitter account. To further enhance our service to the community, our governing body has facilitated the setting up of our own Jimboomba Neighbourdood Watch blog.  We have a team of three "bloggers" who will be sharing information and inviting your comments about local community safety issues. Your responses will be posted on the blog to share with others provided that they are not in breach of Neighbourhood Watch social meida protocols. 

    Please join us by going to http://jimboombarural2.nhwq.org/signup/   and view the form on the right hand side titled "Subscribe to the latest News & Updates". Enter your email address and select Jimboomba Rural 2.

    6. FOLLOW US on Facebook "Jimboomba Neighbourhood Watch" and on Twitter@JimboombaNHW.




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