The following information is taken from the Queensland Government brochure DV Connect - anyone can make the call.

    Know the signs

    Someone experiencing domestic or family violence may:

    • seem afraid of their partner or someone else close to them
    • seem anxious, depressed, unusually quiet or less confident
    • have a partner who is controlling, obsessive or jealous
    • have a partner who has threatened to harm them, their children or pets
    • have a partner who is depressed or suicidal
    • stop contact with friends and family for no good reason
    • know or suspect they are being stalked or receive constant texts or phone calls from their partner
    • appear neglected or unable to access their money or belongings.

    ​They may be in greater danger if:

    • there is a history of domestic and family violence
    • violence has escalated within the relationship
    • their partner is stalking or monitoring their movements
    • they separate or plan to separate from their partner without a safety plan in place
    • they start a new relationship or their ex-partner believes they have
    • there is conflict within the broader family
    • there are issues about child custody or access to children
    • they are pregnant
    • there is financial hardship or the partner becomes unemployed
    • the partner has a history of physical violence, mental illness or access to weapons.

    ​Your help can make a difference

    The way you respond is important. People who feel supported by those around them may feel stronger and more likely to explore their options.  Here are some ways you can help.

    • Call DVConnect for expert advice.
    • Invite the person to talk when they are alone and in a safe place.
    • Listen without blame.
    • Focus on their safety and their children's safety.
    • Respect their right to make their own decisions.
    • Don't criticise or confront the abusive person. This can put the person you are helping in serious danger.
    • Let them know that DVConnect can help them leave an abusive relationship safely and link them to other support services.

    If you sense that  you or someone you know is experiencing domestic or family violence, there is support available:

    - DV Connect 1800 811 811 (women's line)
    - DV Connect 1800 600 636 (men's line)
    - Logan Women's Health and Wellbeing Centre 3808 9233

    Other agencies that provide support are:

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women's Legal and Advocacy Service 1800 442 450

    Kids Helpline 1800 551 800 (young peolple up to 25 years old)

    Child Safety 1800 811 810 or 1800 177 135 (After hours)

    Statewide  Sexual assault Helpline 1800 010 120

    Elder Abuse Helpline 1300 651 192

    Lifeline 13 11 14

    Legal Aid Qld 1300 651 188



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